Health Time Bank​


The time bank for health is our commitment to collective health and social medicine, understood from and for each individual who participates in a mutual support network.

It is a way of using underused resources for health where money does not intervene, but your time and willingness to share your talents.

Participating in the time bank is good for your health… Come and experience it!

Grupo de socios de mutum en una reunión

Participate in the time bank!

We all have something special to contribute! In this time bank we are going to take care of ourselves. In this time bank we will grow, learn, share and contribute to the well-being of other people. We feel our talent, we want you to enjoy yours!


- Meeting the needs of other people.
- Offering your services on specific days and hours.
- Participating in activities proposed by Mutum Salud Cooperativa. (plant trees, collaborate in health actions, help in the time bank).


- Covering your needs.
- Using them as a 50% discount on consultation or therapy at Mutum.
- Make a gift. Transfer your Mutums to the person you want.


When you sign up, you will get 1 mutum. Now you can spend it however you want. Search the net: Is there something you need? Anything you want to learn? Offer your services to the community and keep winning mutums. Be yourself, offer what you feel most passionate about and make yourself known.

Ayudia Mutua en el banco de tiempo en Sevilla

Why a time bank?

In the time bank, skills are exchanged without using money, only the hours of service provided and received are counted.

How does it work?

By registering you will automatically obtain 1 MUTUM in your account and you will access a platform where you can schedule your needs and the services you offer, at the same time that you can search for needs and offers in the calendar of other users. For every hour of service provided you will get 1 MUTUM, which you can use to enjoy a service offered by another user or apply it when making an appointment, obtaining a 50% discount on all our general medicine consultations, comprehensive health advice and therapies and services selected.
Poster con dicho Masai - Banco de tiempo