Integrative Child Health

Integrative Paediatrics combines diagnostic and therapeutic procedures of conventional medicine with complementary therapies that respect the evolutionary nature of the child.

It seeks to promote the rational use of conventional pharmacology, combining or substituting it, whenever possible, with complementary therapies and effective and safe natural products.

Consulta de Salud Intantil en Sevilla, en Mutum

Comprehensive child health care

The aim is to enhance innate self-regulatory capacities while stimulating the immune system by focusing our attention on the child and his or her family and not just on the illness.

Personalised attention for your child

In this consultation, a comprehensive and systemic approach is taken to the child’s health, by means of a detailed interrogation and a complete physical examination in order to prescribe the most appropriate treatment.

We take into account not only physical aspects, but also emotional and environmental aspects that may be interfering with your state of health.

Some references

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Human and close treatment.
I recommend your sensitivity in dealing.
very good professional
I highly recommend it


Very good professional. I highlight his humanity and empathy. You can be sure that you are in very good hands.


Very professional and close.
I have felt very comfortable during the consultation and what I liked the most is that it offers many facilities to be able to contact her once the consultation is finished.


Frequent Asked Questions

Our integrative approach allows us to assess any child in any circumstance and with any health problem. When necessary, we will refer to consultations of other specialists.

Some frequent reasons for consultation: General health monitoring, recurrent respiratory infections, asthma, bronchitis, behavioral problems, eating behavior problems, allergies, skin problems…

Yes, we support boys and girls at any age, from birth.

No, to carry out vaccinations, you must go to your public health center.

We do not offer an emergency service as such, but, for our member families, we offer a “messaging with your doctor” service through which you can solve doubts without having to go to a consultation, give you a preferential appointment at the center or at home or refer you to the emergency room hospital if the situation requires it.