Integrative Family Medicine

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The goal of integrative family medicine is to provide comprehensive, high-quality medical care, centered on the patient and their family, that addresses health as a whole and promotes well-being and disease prevention.

A family doctor has a global vision of the patients and their health status, so they already have a comprehensive view, but the current health system does not provide time enough for consultations or the needed tools to apply different unconventional techniques that have been shown to be effective in treating and preventing health problems.

At Mutum we want to be your trusted doctors, offering personalized care tailored to your needs and goals, providing safe and effective treatments that act on all levels of the human being: physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual.

Health Prevention

A family doctor can identify imbalances and treat them before they become diseases, as well as detect health problems that require referral to other specialists.

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Know our body, our mind, our strengths and our weaknesses. Knowing what hurts us, both physically, emotionally and mentally.

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Our body warns us when something is wrong, but there are many signs that we have normalized without perceiving them as alarms, or we use drugs that "silence" our body, removing sadness, pain, fatigue... without treating its origin.

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Leading a healthy lifestyle will be different for each person. From changes in daily habits to the use of natural therapeutic techniques, a wide range of possibilities are suitable for an appropiate self-management of health.

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What do we integrate?

Integrative Family Medicine looks at the person as a whole and in their context. Each case requires an individualized assessment. After assessment, a treatment plan will be proposed, including  conventional therapies, acupuncture, homeopathy, shiatsu, nutrition, physical activity, breathing, meditation or qi gong, treating the symptoms according to their cause and improving the quality of life of the patient.

Integrative medicine does not replace conventional medical care, but is used in combination with it, in order  to provide a comprehensive and personalized care.

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Some references about our integrative family medicine center

It is a pioneer Center, with a holistic vision of health, with personalized and community care, responding in a therapeutic and vitalist, as well as social way.

Isabel P.G

Quality and warmth define this center from the first contact, reservation and therapies. Second visit and unbeatable, excellent option for treatment. Brilliant idea from two great medical professionals. They inform and advise on conventional therapeutic options and new alternatives, allowing an informed  decision to be made with great support. EXCELLENT.

Elena Estrada

The best description of the welcome and treatment received at Mutum is human warmth. I think that this is the main thing we need when being attended and accompanied by health professionals. If you add the good work and professionalism of Lucia and Sonia, the place is more than recommended.

Carmen G. M

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone with any health problem can benefit from an integrative medicine accompaniment and support, as we will try to find the best solutions for each patient, respecting their preferences.

The patient is an active subject in his healing process. His ideas, beliefs and preferences are respected, and he participates in the therapeutic agreement proposed by his doctor, since it usually involves changes in habits and decision-making that favor his process.