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Human beings are complex. We exist on a biological level, with its different systems, organs, tissues and cells, and also on an emotional, mental and social level. And this globality is something more than the sum of its parts, since it depends on the balanced relationship between them.


Conventional medicine focuses on diseases in isolation, achieving high levels of intervention and success in alleviating them, but its indiscriminate and exclusive use has a high biological price, which can end up being detrimental to the overall health of the person.

At Mutum we do not reject the use of drugs or surgeries when necessary, but we will put all the tools at our disposal to help you avoid them, enhancing your body’s ability to restore its BALANCE, with results that may surprise you.

Centro autorizado NICA Andalucía
Banco del tiempo en Sevilla

We invite you to be an active part of your therapeutic process, that of your family and your community.

Health is everyone’s responsibility, and as social and interdependent beings, we are nourished by the exchange of ideas, affection and care.

In our Health Center, you will also find a time bank to discover how important it is to keep these 4 energies in balance: offer help, help those who ask for it, ask for help, accept help.

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Patient opinions

Some references about Mutum.

Grateful to these two health professionals for their efforts to give way and make possible the way of understanding health as defined by the WHO, although later the official health system has not yet achieved it.

Isabel P.G

I have been to several shiatsu treatments. I have had muscle pain for a long time, and the shiatsu treatment from time to time relieves me a lot for a long period of time. Receiving this treatment from a doctor seems like the perfect combination to me. I will be back soon. Thank you so much.

Ana C.D

Muy buena experiencia y gran profesionalidad. Trato cercano y humano que hace que te sientas muy cómoda. Recomendable 100%.

Yolanda R.G


We serve patients from all over Seville and Andalusia.


We are at Calle Bécquer 22, 41002 Seville

In the center of Seville

One step from the Macarena Gate and the parliament of Andalusia.

Adapted Center

Allows entry to people with reduced mobility


Because cooperation between professionals with different perspectives and tools, between professionals and patients, and between patients among themselves, multiplies the possibilities of the therapeutic and preventive health process.

No, you can access our services without being a member, although the rates are different.

You can book your appointment online on our page or contact us if you need any prior clarification.

You can check our rates here. Remember that if you become a member of Mutum you can obtain a reduction in the amount of the consultation, among other advantages. We do not work directly with private health insurance, but if you have insurance, check with your company about the possibility of reimbursement for consultations outside your medical list.