DR. Sonia Núñez González


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“I believe in person-centred medicine. Because each person is unique and requires individualised treatment that takes into account not only physical, but also emotional, mental, social and spiritual aspects of the human being”.


I am a specialist in Family and Community Medicine with more than 20 years of professional experience in health centres, emergency services and private practice.

In my private practice, I integrate Conventional Medicine with Homeopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine, together with my knowledge and experience in Systemic Family Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Holistic Gynaecology, Childbirth, Maternity and Conscious Parenting.

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Family and Community Medicine

Medicine centred on the person and their family and social context for personalised health advice for each case.

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Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathy has the ability to gently stimulate the body's ability to regain balance in health, and this manifests itself on a physical, emotional and mental level.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Very useful for the prevention and treatment of illnesses through diet, physical exercise, Qi Gong, the use of medicinal plants, acupuncture and the regulation of emotions.

About me

Life has navigated me through many different landscapes.

I studied Medicine and Acupuncture in Seville, Family Medicine in Portugal, Homeopathy in Barcelona, I have worked in China, in Africa and in the Brazilian Amazon.

I have worked in many health centres and in many hospitals in the emergency department. I am also a mother, daughter, sister, friend, a person who lives, experiences and learns from the everyday sacred.

I have seen many faces of suffering, and I have observed that health is coherence. With the context, with the needs of the body (unique to each body and each moment), with our desires and with what we tell ourselves we are.

Mutum arrived as an act of coherence and commitment to health. For the people I accompany and for myself, because on the road to coherence, we discover that nothing is alien to us.

I speak...

Educational background

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Some references about me

Real patient reviews from Doctoralia, Google profile and Mutum Salud online profile.

The treatment and dedication in the consultation was exceptional. The doctor listens to all your doubts and offers clear and precise explanations and indications. I have just started the treatment and I have confidence in her professionalism.

Montse Santos

I am very satisfied with the consultation. Dr. Sonia is very attentive to detail, empathetic and tactful. She gives comprehensive explanations and proposes post-consultation follow-up.


A very pleasant treatment, the truth is that I loved it, she is very involved with the patient, very good professional, I recommend her and the most important thing is that she is a very human person. Thank you Sonia.